15 Sep 2013

Mochkin bar Mitzvah

The Mochkin family made a Bar Mitzvah a few weeks ago at Yeshiva Shul, Chaim was no where to be found......

Was he banned from entering Yeshiva?

Did Lisa and Levi pay him, and promise support in court, if he would stay away and not ruin the Simcha?

Was he just off hills pills, and confused as to which day the Bar Mitzvah was?

Stay tuned for more details.......

The Saga Continues

"Rabbi" Chaim Herzog has finally been taken to court by David Werdiger, to sort out the circus surrounding the Chabad in the CBD.

Its a bit hard to understand how Chaim has any claim at all, as he has been overseas for 9 months!

Chaim proudly produced his henchmen, Levi and Shloimi Mochkin.

Levi we are told does not want to be here, however henry has insisted, so he has no choice!

Before court began, the Lawyers tried to sort things out, however Chaim went off his head, (probably went off his pills first), and no result was achieved,

Stay tuned for more details.......

8 Nov 2012

Chaim Tzvi is next

We already broke the news that Chaim Herzog is taking Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Groner to beis din in New York over his sacking. Now it is all over the Jewish online world, even on the Crown Heights web site! Herzog has hired Gershon Schusterman as his toen, and Schusterman has a reputation for not being truthful (b'loshon n'kiyo) when it comes to beis din things. So it is probably a good match - probably they didn't want to hire Mendel Kaminetzky because he is the lowest of low.

In the meantime, what has Herzog done? His famous google ads now have a new target - Chaim Tzvi himself.

There is now another Herzog site dedicated to defaming Chaim Tzvi Groner and making fun of his head shlichus, which he inherited from his father OBM. The site has a copy of a "media release" from Chabad of Melbourne CBD which attacks the story on JTA. JTA is a well known reputable Jewish news source - like the Jewish Reuters, and the story on Herzog was picked up by Jewish sites all over the world.

The crazy thing is that the third result in the search is from Chabad of the CBD also, talking about when they hosted Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Groner! This is typical of Chaim Herzog and his father Henry Herzog - one minute someone is their friend and the next they are the worst enemy.

All this goes to show that Herzog will attack anyone who opposes him in the most disgusting way. Not only that, he will attack anyone he thinks is opposing him, even if they arent really because he is so paranoid.

29 Oct 2012

Herzog Sacked

Mazal Tov!

Chaim Tzvi Groner has sent Chaim Herzog a letter saying that he is no longer a shliach and not allowed to use Chabad's name.
Herzog has called Chaim Tzvi to Beis Din before the Vaad Rabbonei Lubavitch in New York. Three Rabbonim will be picked to hear the case and either decide to uphold Chaim Tzvi's sacking or chas vshalom to put Chaim Herzog back as a shliach.
Everyone in New York cant understand why it took Chaim Tzvi so long to do this. Its official that you are not allowed to be a shliach if you are a bochur. Kotlarsky has already said that as far as he is concerned Herzog is not a shliach. Maybe they should also check if he really has semicha? Ask Rabbi Yaroslavsky if he actually tested him in person or just relied on faxed answers that Mendel Kaminetzky wrote.

Herzog has rushed to New York to deal with this case.

Who is taking care of Chabad of the CBD in the meantime? Raskin has not been there for weeks so it must be Mendel Kaminetzky. Maybe he will be the new shliach there?

19 Sep 2012

Letter from Yeshivah

The following letter was sent to Chaim Herzog by the Yeshivah Shul Committee. They also dont recognize that he is a Rabbi. Anyone can see that they are doing the best they can to settle this bdarkei noiam but Herzog continues his nonsense. Its only a matter of time before he will be sacked.

Mr Chaim Herzog
Thursday, 13 September 2012
Dear Chaim Herzog
We writing to you in relation to two specific serious issues that the Yeshivah Shule Committee believes need to be addressed immediately.
1. Your abuse and threatening behaviour towards Mr N Werdiger in the foyer of the Shule on Shabbos Chanukah 5771
2. The unauthorised removal of signs and damage to the noticeboard
The Committee has made several attempts to resolve these matters, and have also asked that you attend a meeting with Rabbi Telsner Shlita.
Initially Yossi Klein made contact and asked that you attend a meeting with Rabbi Telsner.
Subsequently, Hershel Herbst explained to you that your behaviour will have consequences if not stopped, including being asked not to come into the Shule and its environs.
Finally, Shimon Cowen, on numerous occasions, made attempts to bring your issues to mediation, to give you the opportunity to air your grievances.
Unfortunately our efforts to resolve these matters have not achieved any resolution in relation to the 2 areas of unacceptable behaviour.
Firstly the Shule Committee firmly believes that all mispallelim are entitled to feel safe and secure, and not be subjected to threatening behaviour while at Shule. The Shule Committee makes every effort to provide a safe, secure and pleasant environment for everyone that wishes to daven in Shule and the other minyonim.
The Shule maintains two noticeboards, one which is freely available to all to advertise events and services. These noticeboards are monitored regularly for anything that may contravene halocho, be offensive or not be suitable for our community. Such signs are removed only at the discretion of the Rov or the committee. It is unacceptable for anyone else to determine which signs are to remain and which need to be removed, let alone cause damage to Shule property.
The Shule Committee respectfully requests from you;
1. That you apologise to Mr N Werdiger, before Yom Kippur, for your unwarranted and aggressive
behaviour towards Mr Werdiger, which occurred on the Shule premises. This apology needs to be
acceptable to Mr Werdiger and not a nominal apology.
2. The Yeshivah Shule requires an immediate commitment that you will desist from removing signs and causing damage to the noticeboard.
If you are unable to accept and fulfil our requests, we reserve the right to ask you not to attend the Yeshivah Shule and its environs.
B’Birchas Kesiva V’Chasima Tova
Yeshivah Shule Committee
P.S. The Shule confirms that you have not been precluded from advertising on this noticeboard

5 May 2012

Good Riddance

Boruch Hashem Henry Herzog has sold his house and is leaving Melbourne. It looks like Chaim Herzog is going with him. Chaim has appointed Yisroel Raskin to run Chabad House of the CBD for him for a salary of $40,000 per year. He is going to do all of the things that Chaim should have been doing all along but can't. Chaim is selling his car that he only bought last year, and preparing to get out! Boruch Hashem again! Finally Melbourne will be rid of these two reshoim!!

This is all going exactly the way Yossel Gutnick planned it. He and Chaim Tzvi Groner encouraged Chaim to put on someone to run the Chabad House. Then Yossel and others started up with Henry Herzog and helped push him out of Melbourne, and now Chaim Herzog is leaving too. The next step is simple. Once they are all safely out of the country, Yossel will sack Chaim and put up Raskin to do a proper job in the CBD.

Chaim keeps calling Yossel for help but we all know he hates him just as much as his father Henry does. Just look what he forwards to people about Yossel


If Chaim thinks that I hacked his e-mail, he is wrong. What is really happening is that people he thought are his friends have had enough of his meshugas and are turning against him and forwarding me e-mails from him  so I can show them around. The menuvols are Chaim Herzog and Henry Herzog and Mendel Kaminetzky and they all deserve each other.

29 Apr 2012

The truth about Chaim Herzog

How far will Chaim Herzog go to protect his fantastic reputation? You can see by the discussion he has with Matt who is an internet expert and leaked us these e-mails.

Here Matt is offering to do some search engine work for Chaim

 Here is Chaim complaining about the results

 Now he wants Matt to spy

Finally this one is the "smoking gun". Chaim Herzog asks Matt to make an anonymous blog. So now we can see who is behind those disgusting blogs. Matt has done the right thing by blowing the whistle on Chaim Herzog.

Chaim will keep spreading lies about other people and making himself out to be a fantastic shliach but eventually the truth comes out about him. Everything we have written on this blog has turned out to be true. More and more people who he thinks are his friends and supporters are realizing the truth and now turning against him. He should quit and leave Melbourne with his father Henry Herzog.